About Us

WAL Developments ( P ) Ltd.

Based in Gurgaon, Haryana, we’ve sculpted both top-tier commercial plots and serene residential spaces.

Our philosophy harmonizes work (commercial) with life (residential), emphasizing simplicity, transparency, and a commitment to our clients’ interests. We cater to diverse needs, ensuring growth in both professional and personal realms.

Quality and timely delivery remain our hallmarks. In today’s digital age, where choices abound, WAL stands out by delivering unmatched quality, maintaining transparency, and fulfilling our promises, seamlessly integrating work and life for our customers.


To build sustainable, and exceptional developments that will provide a wealth of life at home, at work and in the community.


To be the preferred Developer for sustainable developments, ensuring that the future will be better for our customers because of how we do things today.

Founder's Message

Real estate has been growing exponentially in India, especially across the NCR region. While we strive for luxurious space, the need to be sustainable and gentle on environment are the two core values that we focussed on while creating WAL.

We are committed to develop projects which would be paradigm of craftsmanship, extravagance, and attention to detail.

With a minimalist, yet luxurious, approach, we would ensure that every space breathes in novelty and hums an ode to mother nature.

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